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Video Surveillance Solutions for Safer Campuses

Every educational institute wants the best for its students and staff, including safety from the most frequently occurring crimes like bullying, sexual harassment, vehicle thefts, and burglaries.

The best way to eliminate these and many other on-campus crimes while making the facility more secure is by installing video surveillance cameras. Read on to learn how they can help:

Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems for Campuses:

Theft, Vandalism & Bullying Deterrence:

The very presence of cameras often deters people from illegal activities. If the cameras have a high-resolution recording with motion capture sensors and low light video capturing capabilities, solving any crime that does occur becomes even easier.

Catching those who try to steal something, break into the school or bully other students will be as easy as watching the recorded footage on your computer.

Visitor Management:

Another great feature of modern video surveillance cameras is visitor management, where the observation of visitors can begin as soon as they pull up to the school’s driveway.

With the help of AI technology, LPR (License Plate Recognition) can capture license plates of vehicles in the parking area and ensure unwanted/unauthorized vehicles are recognized and dealt with immediately.

Attribute Search Via AI:

Locating someone specific on the campus is made easier thanks to modern artificial intelligence. If a student is missing on campus or if someone unwanted is lurking around then providing their appearance attributes like age, color of clothing, gender, and whether they wear glasses or not, etc. can help find and identify them quickly.

This also helps in situations of emergencies in case someone breaks into the school and threatens the safety of students and staff. Security in the control room can quickly identify their exact location and control the situation.

Can be Combined with Access Control System:

Latest AI-based video surveillance cameras can be integrated with access control systems allowing you to have greater control over the facility.

For instance, if an active shooter is on the premise, the combination of the access control system and camera tracking can limit or lock the shooter in a particular part of the building, ensuring the safety of everyone until the authorities arrive.

The versatility of Cameras:

Modern video surveillance cameras are designed to be installed in almost every part of the school even if there are low light conditions. There is a range of variants available for different situations, lighting conditions, and locations. IR cameras can be used for dark areas, fish-eye cameras can be used for wide coverage, people counting cameras can be used for crowd detection and control, and panoramic cameras can be used to cover large areas like parking lots.

From the entrance, parking lots, gyms, locker rooms, athletic fields, to classrooms, hallways, administration building, cafeteria, library, and the perimeter of the school, AI-based cameras can go everywhere and ensure no one dares to cause any harm to the property or its occupants.

TELECO Has Video Surveillance Cameras that Every Campus Needs:

If you are looking for high-quality cameras with up to 4K resolution, crisp display, and sharp colors then feel free to give us a call.

At TELECO, we have a range of highly affordable and modern AI-based cameras for educational institutes to help make campuses safer for both the students and the staff.

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