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Ensure Compliance with Experienced Public Safety DAS Engineers

Public Safety

Installing a public Safety DAS system in your building and ensuring its compliance with various fire protection and safety codes has now become a legal obligation. So having an experienced public safety DAS engineer working on your system’s installation is necessary.

Here’s Why You Need a Public Safety DAS Engineer On-Site:

Customization and Optimization:

If you are having your public safety DAS system installed, replaced, or extended, you need someone with sound knowledge of facility benchmarking. This is the only way you can get the most optimal coverage for your network carriers throughout your building.

Every public DAS system can be designed and customized from scratch to fit the structure of any particular building. Making sure the signal reach is evenly distributed, and no frequencies are bouncing off the concrete and other building materials is crucial for your DAS’ flawless operation.

All of these tasks can only be performed either directly by the engineers or under their supervision. A slight mistake can result in financial loss for you and potential loss of lives if the system doesn’t function properly in case of emergencies.

Understanding of Local Jurisdiction Codes:

This is the most important reason why you need to have experienced engineers on-site for public DAS installation. Different jurisdictions have different IFC (International Fire Code) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) compliance codes that need to be followed by the law. These codes include the NFPA 70, NFPA 27, and NFPA 1-11.10 to name a few.

Furthermore, the local and county FCC licensee must approve the system before the installation. The wiring and installation processes should be in line with the processes and regulations of the Local Building and Fire Department.

Failing to comply with the codes and regulations can result in loss of certificate of occupancy leading to loss of tenants and revenue for you. Therefore, you need engineers with sound knowledge of the latest local jurisdiction and international compliance codes, ensuring your DAS system is installed legally and the right way.

Thorough Testing:

Last but not the least, once the installation is done, the system needs to be rigorously tested by expert engineers to ensure it is operating with maximum efficiency.

Most of the DAS’ data traffic originates from inside the building. So multiple walks of different key areas of the building are required with advanced testing equipment to ensure there’s proper coverage everywhere.

Each carrier’s service should be tested across various wireless bands and technologies and only experienced engineers can do that.

Parting Words:

There’s no doubt that a public safety DAS engineer is a key part of every system’s installation, inspection, and maintenance. You can always contact TELECO to leverage the skills, and experience of our top engineers.

We are registered with FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and work closely with fire professionals and AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), so rest assured, your system will be fully compliant by the time we are done with it.

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