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Maximizing In-Building 5G Coverage and Capacity

According to an estimate by JP Morgan, nearly 750 million 5G devices will be sold throughout the world this year. 5G is poised to revolutionize how we live and work, and in-building coverage and capacity are key to making the most of this new technology. With 5G, businesses will be able to connect devices and sensors in ways that were never possible before.

The current cellular signals face blockage problems due to the structure of modern buildings. The material used in construction blocks most signals, especially at high frequencies. This leads to choppy voice/videos, delays in messages or dropped calls, etc.

By taking advantage of an indoor distributed antenna system (DAS), businesses can ensure that their 5G users are able to enjoy a smooth experience while accessing the network. Since DAS allows carrier aggregation, wider transmission bandwidths can be supported, which increases peak data rate per user, boosting network capacity and overall spectrum efficiency.

Leveraging Carrier Aggregation for 5G Optimization:

By aggregating carriers, 5G devices leverage multiple frequency bands. This means getting CA technology is like equipping your building with a wider pipe to allow more traffic flow. Therefore, the mobile network users inside the building enjoy swift download and uploads, minimal or no call drops, and low to no video buffering.

Although 4g/LTE technology works with CA, combining 5G with CA will support more component carriers and leverage dual connectivity. This will allow user devices to send and receive data across several frequency bands at the same time. That said, not all in-building wireless solutions offer the required bandwidth to benefit from the 5G technology.

As the leading multi-carrier DAS technology provider, TELECO offers the best carrier aggregation support with more bandwidth across multiple frequency bands. We leverage the TELECO 5g DAS platform to provide aggregation to up to 8 bands through a single fiber. This will support the 5G frequency bands that the top CSPs are currently using in the U.S.

Scalability and Affordability:

Typically, a bandwidth-constrained infrastructure will charge you for a complete package with different tiers and prices. You may not even need the bandwidth they’re offering in a package, but because it’s a fixed price package, you have to purchase it anyway and pay for things you don’t even use.

The pay-as-you-grow model of TELECO DAS is flexible. Our fiber based modular solution allows you to upgrade from one to seven bands as per your needs. So you will only pay for the services and technology you actually use.

Max Bandwith at a Fraction of Cost:

With the help of TELECO 5G DAS, every building owner can equip their building with cutting-edge solutions to support 5G technology at a lower cost.

There’s no need to make changes to the building’s structure to allow signals to pass through. The TELECO 5G DAS platform is powerful enough to offer complete coverage throughout the building, stadium, mall, airport, or campus.

Plus, its modular remote system will allow you to change frequency bands and add more upgrades to the system to keep up with ever-changing communication technology without breaking the bank.

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