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Why Seamless Communications is Essential to a Better Tenant’s Experience

When it comes to business building tenant experience, nothing is more important than providing them with wireless coverage for seamless communications. However, many building owners do not consider this crucial factor in tenant satisfaction and end up losing them over time.

According to a survey, over 60% of the building managers said that their tenants complain about the mobile LTE data/voice service quality. Right now, whoever works towards improving in-building wireless communication, will likely get the best tenants at great rental prices.

Must Haves For An Excellent Tenant Experience

  • The Basics: Always make sure to keep your property clean and well-maintained. Additionally, by providing a healthy environment – including the right temperatures, indoor air quality, clean water, interior decor, and exterior decor – you’ll make life easier for both you and your tenant.
  • The Nice-To-Haves: Things like bike storage, a gym, conference rooms, coffee shops, and underground parking go a long way in boosting your building’s appeal.
  • The Cool Additions: From nap pods to electric car charging stations to dry cleaning services, these luxuries are sure to make tenants feel comfortable and at home. And if that’s not enough, a rooftop restaurant is always a hit!

Even with all of these amenities, Wi-Fi remains the top amenity among tenants, and there’s a good reason for this. The Internet has become a necessity, especially for millennials, as 74% of them cannot go more than a day without their smartphones.

In-Building Communication Solutions – An Essential Amenity!

Office buildings are becoming more and more modern, and in-building communication solutions are an essential amenity. Companies can improve their operations and productivity by providing their employees with voice, video, and data communications capabilities.

These communication tools can improve collaboration and communication within the office, while data communications can be used to improve business operations. By providing these essential amenities, companies can ensure that their employees are able to work effectively and efficiently. Here are a few solutions building owners can use:

Wi-Fi Service:

Wi-Fi has become an essential amenity in any building, and for a good reason. Poor Wi-Fi service can lead to a loss of business, productivity, and frustration amongst employees. However, even though Wi-Fi is easy to deploy, as the number of users increases, call quality and internet speed will decrease.

Cellular Service:

Cellular service is an essential amenity for in-building communication solutions as it provides a reliable network. Not all cell phone carriers are the same, and some may have better coverage in certain buildings while others may not. Construction materials like steel, concrete, and aluminum can block cellular signals so make sure to use DAS technology for full building coverage.

Wired Service:

With wired internet and phone services, you typically get faster speeds, but they can be quite a hassle to manage. If you move around the office or just add new furniture, you will have to change the positions of the wires. Additionally, if your business requires users to share a single internet connection, it can be difficult to manage multiple devices using the same connection with a tangled mess of wires nearby.

Here’s What TELECO Has to Offer:

TELECO offers an in-building DAS system for maximum mobile coverage. It is used in large public spaces and buildings to ensure mobile signals are available at every single level of the property without any breakage.

The TELECO DAS technology doesn’t occupy much space and can fit in tight IT closets with minimal wires attached to stay out of sight and way. The platform is scalable and allows you to pay only for the services and products you use.

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