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TELECO Technologies for Multifamily: Maximize Tenant Experience

In the world of multifamily housing, security and efficiency are paramount. With the constant flow of residents and the need for streamlined operations, it’s crucial to implement robust and innovative technologies that can meet these demands.

TELECO offers video surveillance, access control, managed IT services, cloud services, business phone systems, structured cabling, cellular DAS, and public safety DAS which are key technologies to improve multifamily housing industry operations. TELECO solutions deliver a range of benefits that help ensure resident safety, improve operational efficiency, and enhance overall resident satisfaction.

Here are some benefits:

Video Surveillance: video surveillance systems have become essential tools in maintaining a secure environment in multifamily housing. By strategically placing surveillance cameras in common areas, parking lots, and entrances, property managers can deter potential criminal activities and quickly respond to any security incidents. TELECO video surveillance provides a sense of safety for residents and aids in investigations, enhancing overall security measures within the community.

Access Control: access control systems provide an effective solution for managing access to multifamily properties. Through the use of keycards, biometric identification, or mobile credentials, property managers can restrict entry to authorized individuals and track who enters and exits the premises. TELECO access control systems not only enhance security by preventing unauthorized access but also improve convenience for residents, who no longer need to worry about lost keys.

Managed IT Services: multifamily housing properties rely heavily on technology infrastructure to provide various services to residents. TELECO managed IT services offer comprehensive support, including network management, cybersecurity, hardware and software maintenance, and data backup. By outsourcing IT services, property managers can ensure smooth operations, minimize downtime, and stay up to date with the latest technology trends, without the need for an in-house IT team.

Cloud Services: cloud services provide multifamily housing properties with flexible and scalable solutions for data storage, resident management, and administrative tasks. TELECO cloud-based platforms enable property to access critical information from anywhere, at any time, improving communication and operational efficiency. Additionally, cloud services offer enhanced data security and backup, ensuring the protection and privacy of resident information.

Business Phone Systems: effective communication is vital for property managers and residents alike. TELECO business phone systems equipped with features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and intercom capabilities enable seamless communication and improve responsiveness to resident inquiries or maintenance requests. With reliable and efficient communication channels, property managers can provide excellent customer service, leading to increased resident satisfaction.

Structured Cabling: structured cabling is the backbone of multifamily housing’s technology infrastructure. It enables the seamless integration and connectivity of various systems, including video surveillance, access control, business phone systems, and data networks. With properly installed TELECO structured cabling, property managers can ensure reliable and efficient communication between devices, reducing downtime and simplifying maintenance tasks.

Cellular DAS and Public Safety DAS: cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS) address the increasing demand for reliable cellular connectivity within multifamily housing properties. TELECO DAS eliminates cellular dead zones and improves signal strength throughout the premises, ensuring residents can enjoy seamless cellular coverage and reliable data connectivity. TELECO public safety DAS enhances resident safety by providing robust communication capabilities for emergency responders during critical situations.

All these solutions are instrumental technologies that enhance security, operational efficiency, and resident satisfaction in multifamily housing properties. By leveraging these technologies, property managers can create a safe and convenient living environment, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional resident experiences. Investing in integrated technology solutions is a wise choice for multifamily housing properties looking to stay ahead in a competitive market and provide residents with the utmost security and comfort.

All TELECO solutions can be purchased “as a service” through our CompleteCare ONE program.

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