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Benefits of TELECO Perfect View™ Video Surveillance Solution for Business

The cutting-edge Perfect View™ video surveillance solution offered by TELECO has taken security to the next level. With its innovative camera systems, Perfect View™ is a top-notch solution for any business looking to increase security.

Benefits Of Teleco Perfect View™ Video Surveillance Solution For BusinessThe Importance of Video Surveillance Systems for Businesses: As businesses grow, the concerns for safety of the business, employees and customers grow as well. A powerful video surveillance system is a great way to help protect the assets and people associated with any business.

  • A well-placed video surveillance camera makes a great theft deterrent.
  • If a crime does take place at a business, the video surveillance system can provide critical evidence.
  • Potential personnel issues can be managed more efficiently with the assistance of video surveillance systems.
  • Video surveillance can also help increase employee productivity.
  • Business owners and managers can monitor their facility or critical areas in real-time via internet.

Video surveillance systems have clearly changed how businesses operate and have made workplaces more secure with increased productivity.

Advantages of TELECO Perfect View™ Video Surveillance Systems:

  • Full range of cutting-edge surveillance features: Full IP, hybrid and digital systems, remote access via smartphone or web browser, simple yet intuitive user interface, cameras that provide 24/7 color or infrared at night, high definition up to 4K, face detection and license plate recognition.
  • Dedicated Support Professionals: TELECO has a team of talented surveillance professionals who are well-versed in installing and maintaining video surveillance systems and are there to guide you along the way from system design to implementation.
  • Scalable solutions to fit any business need: TELECO Perfect View video surveillance solutions can be scaled from a single point of entry to a fully integrated, multi-location system.
  • VSaaS – TELECO Perfect View video surveillance systems are available “as a service” through our CompleteCare ONE program, allowing businesses to utilize the most up to date surveillance technologies without the upfront expense.

Unbeatable Protection is Just a Phone Call Away!

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