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UCaaS Collaboration Suites & How Businesses Can Benefit

It’s impossible to overstate the need for strong communications and collaboration in today’s workplace. More and more businesses are investing in digital collaboration tools, which is putting pressure on companies to keep up. Now more than ever, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is critical for success with the prevalence of UCaaS collaboration suites as one of the indicative growing trends.

Research shows there are significant benefits to using social collaboration tools, which is why 80 percent of businesses now deploy them—a figure that is bound to increase in the coming years with advancements in software and connectivity.

UCaaS Collaboration Suites: Finding The Right Solution

Of course, not all collaboration tools are effective and attractive to end users. There are plenty of bad communications platforms on the market. In one study, for instance, 59 percent of respondents said they face challenges with their organization’s tools.

Common complaints include tools that do not integrate well with third party CRM services, while others are buggy with poor user interfaces and limited collaboration offerings. When businesses invest in lackluster UCaaS platforms, users are more apt to turn to freemium offerings. This can expose the organization to a variety of cybersecurity risks, and lead to a fragmented and inefficient communications environment.

For this reason, it pays to be discerning when selecting a UCaaS platform. Businesses that choose to invest in a premium product will in turn receive premium results—including heightened productivity and worker engagement, improved customer service, and faster customer resolutions.

A strong UCaaS collaboration suite can boost digital transformation by enabling a consistent, secure, and user-friendly digital communications environment.

Features To Look For In UCaaS Collaboration Tools

When looking for a UCaaS collaboration suite, keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to streamline the way people work. To this end, the tools you should look for include any platform offering end-to-end communications solutions in a single, seamless environment, virtual workspaces, and integration or custom development options.

The ideal solution will allow your organization to access mission-critical documents, applications, storage, and virtual desktops while also enabling staff to communicate via phone, chat, texting, audio and video conferencing, mobile phones, and softphone endpoints. Some advanced offerings also offer contact center solutions for internal and/or external needs and support for traditional and digital faxing.

Also keep in mind your specific industry needs, and look for a solution that can meet these requirements. This may include vertical-specific applications, compliance standards, or special security features that allow your business to communicate and collaborate safely.

Ucaas Collaboration Suites & How Businesses Can Benefit

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