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Importance of Touchless Access Control for Your Businesses

There are many benefits to having an access control system for your business. These benefits can save you money, provide safety and security for your employees as well as protect your business from potential loss.

Enhances Building Security:

Having an access control system in your building can provide a higher level of security for your staff. These systems allow you to have tighter control over who enters your building from the outside as well as who enters more secure locations such as cash rooms, or warehouses storing high dollar equipment.

Access control systems can also be integrated with your video surveillance system to capture video and images as people pass certain points throughout your building.

It Can Save You Money:

Old lock and key style systems required people to carry keys that had to be cut to fit certain locks. If you have a facility that contains multiple doors throughout, this could lead to staff carrying multiple keys which could easily be lost or stolen requiring you to not only have more keys made, but potentially replacing door locks as well. Replacing locks and keys can become expensive quickly.

With an access control system, you have the ability to control access through your administrative software. So instead of replacing lost or stolen keys and their locks, you simply remove access to the lost or stolen key fob, key card or remove access to a person’s pin number. This will save you time as well as money.

Another money saving benefit is having a higher level of control over areas in your building where potential theft could occur. Not only do you have control over who enters each part of your building but having a visible access control system in place will also act as a theft deterrent, in turn, saving you money from potential loss.

It’s More Convenient:

Instead of using locks and keys that can easily be lost, an access control system offers many more convenient ways to access protected areas.

You can have your system set up to use key cards, key fobs which can be attached to clips or key chains, pin numbers or even thumbprints which completely eliminates the need for employees to carry any physical item with them in order to gain access through a doorway.

Benefits of TELECO’s Access Control System

TELECO offers top-notch access control systems with touchless entry features. Some of the benefits of our technology are:

  • Access Reporting: Get a complete report of who entered or left the building with exact video timestamps
  • Controlled Access: Control who gets access to certain parts of your building
  • Mobile Connection: Get the access control system connected to your mobile device via a cloud-based app and monitor/control the activity from the palm of your hand
  • Instant Lockdown: In case of emergency, lock one or more doors instantly with just one touch of a button
  • Multiple Access Modes: Use cards, tokens, voice recognition, retina scanning, and more

Our access control systems are easy to install and add layers of security to ensure you know who is entering protected areas in your building.

Parting Words:

Having a touchless access control system will allow you peace of mind in knowing your building is secure.

Call TELECO today to get an access control system designed to your specific needs.

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