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TELECO Provides Technologies to Help Get Your Business Back on Track

For many people, work as we knew it may never be the same after the COVID -19 pandemic. During this crisis, technologies are playing a crucial role in keeping our society functional in a time of lock downs and quarantines. These technologies may have a long-lasting impact once this is finally over.

Teleco Provides Technologies To Help Get Your Business Back On TrackRemote Work Technologies

Many companies have asked employees to work from home. Remote work is enabled by technologies including virtual private networks (VPNs), voice over internet protocols (VoIPs), virtual meetings, cloud technology and work collaboration tools. In addition to preventing the spread of viruses, remote work also saves commute time and provides more flexibility.

Cellular DAS

Enhance In-building Wireless With Cellular DasRoughly 85 million people are now working from home due to COVID-19. And for many businesses, this may represent a permanent change. When this is the case, there is often one big issue to overcome: workers struggling with poor connectivity. Working from home means relying on internet and cellular connectivity, and as Americans adjust to remote work, cellular DAS is a necessity in some vertical markets, specifically multi-family condos.

A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a way to deal with isolated spots of poor coverage inside a large building by installing a network of relatively small antennas throughout the building to serve as repeaters. This technology is considered the 4th utility and it is a must have for remote workers to do their job efficiently.

Public Safety DAS

Teleco Provides Technologies To Help Get Your Business Back On TrackPublic safety DAS ensures that first responders in a crisis are able to maintain communication with each other wherever they go inside a building. Although the way the COVID-19 pandemic will affect our future is still uncertain, we do know that public safety DAS communications are not an option and will sooner rather than later be mandatory in all new and existing buildings across the US. Deadlines are now due in Florida for testing and compliance and, so far, the coronavirus outbreak has not changed these dates. When it comes to COVID-19, public safety DAS is an absolute necessity in responding efficiently to an emergency in every community across the country.

TELECO has been helping businesses succeed since 1981, delivering customized technology solutions. We are confident we can help you rebuild your business after the coronavirus pandemic by providing technologies to help your company get back on track.
Get Ready Now! Call us at 800.800.6159 or visit us at www.teleco.com and let us show you how our solutions can make this transition a little easier.



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