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TELECO Offers Reliable & Flexible Connectivity From Anywhere Through Star2Star

Star2Star Communications Packages for Voice, Collaboration & Video Conferencing.

Star2Star Communications Remote Work package has everything you need to keep your organization productive and thriving. Voice, collaboration, and video conferencing functionality keeps your organization connected. Always. Regardless of where they are.
Cloud-based Business Voice:
  • Intelligent call routing and fail-over
  • Auto attendants, voicemail, and Find Me/Follow Me call forwarding
  • Desktop and mobile soft phones Collaboration
  • Persistent team messaging with individuals and group channels
  • Integrated voice and video conferencing
  • File sharing and management
  • Productivity tools

Teleco Offers Reliable & Flexible Connectivity From Anywhere Through Star2star

Online Meetings Made Easy with Star2Star

Video Meetings:

  • Host and participate in online meetings from any device
  • Enhanced security and flexibility over competitor solutions
  • Share screens simultaneously
  • Manage attendees with virtual lobby controls

Call us today at 800.800.6159 and start taking advantage of Star2Star Remote Work Solutions while saving money for your business!

AT TELECO, we are here to help our customers adapt to a new environment of work.


Teleco Offers Reliable & Flexible Connectivity From Anywhere Through Star2star

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