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COVID-19 and Facility Management

COVID-19 and Facility Management: how this crisis could mean the right time to upgrade your building’s technologies.

Covid-19 And Facility ManagementWith the outbreak of COVID-19, many buildings have shut down operations to assess the crisis. This means that maybe only a handful of people – among them, facility managers – are allowed in the building to address issues that may arise. For them, this could mean that NOW is the perfect time to upgrade or install a video surveillance system, a door access control system, a phone system, a public safety DAS system (communications for first responders in case of an emergency) or a cellular DAS system (mobile device reception for end users).

These four technologies are must have in many places such as commercial real estate, higher education, schools, multifamily condominiums, hospitals and retail.

Covid-19 And Facility ManagementThe lack of traffic within the facility creates the right conditions to work on upgrades and installations which could be affected otherwise by bigger crowds during normal times. For many maintenance managers, the absence of people throughout their buildings means areas that are generally inaccessible are now prime targets for a variety of maintenance, repair and upgrade projects. Plus, not all facility work requires people to be together, so it does respect the social distancing required during the coronavirus crisis.


At TELECO, we are still operating as an essential business and can provide the right solutions for your company, ensuring your facility is upgraded with all the technologies needed when it’s time to re-open.

Call us today at 800.800.6159 or visit www.teleco.com to find out how TELECO can help improve your building operations, security and efficiency.

All our technologies can be offered “as a service” through our CompleteCare ONE program, which means you could keep more money for the business by having monthly installments, especially in these tough times when budget is tight for many.

 Let us help you. We are in this together!

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