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How TELECO cloud services can help your business during the COVID-19 outbreak

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Cloud computing, along with mobile technology, provides your employees the ability to work from any location that has internet access, via a virtual desktop or remote infrastructure. Implementing cloud computing within your IT infrastructure could enable the many benefits of remote working.

Cloud technology lets your employees work from any location, giving them access through a virtual environment to the same information they’d have access to from the office. Collaboration and communication tools ensure they can use the latest techniques available to complete their tasks at the same level they would be able to from their office desktop.

When it comes to accessing data, your employees can access specific documents using credentials to maintain a high level of security while giving them all they need to work remotely. This can be very useful, especially if you have multiple office locations.

While we overcome the coronavirus situation, requiring all of us to practice social distancing, cloud technology provides not only a greater level of flexibility but also shared access to information centrally located via a single server.

How Teleco Cloud Services Can Help Your Business During The Covid-19 Outbreak

Cloud computing can work towards increasing your business’ overall security, such as creating user-specific passwords and encryption of files when there are attempts to open these by unauthorized users. Additional security measures can be implemented in the event of mobile devices or laptops being lost or stolen to prevent a security breach, so you don’t have to worry about cloud computing compromising your network security when it comes to remote working.

Cloud computing also offers scalability for growing businesses, enabling you to accommodate a large increase in a remote workforce very quickly, since your employees can use their own mobile devices and laptops without incurring additional hardware costs.

TELECO cloud computing can offer a greater level of flexibility, security and scalability to your business by enabling remote working. Our cloud services will help your business to continue operating remotely during this crisis. Contact us today for more information at 800.800.6159.

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