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5 Benefits of Integrated Access Control & Video Surveillance

The security of your business is of the utmost importance, which is why integrated access control and video surveillance systems are so vital. These systems provide a robust security system for your property that can help prevent theft, vandalism, and protect your business in many ways.

Not only do they protect your assets, but they can also provide you with invaluable video footage of any incidents that take place on-site. If you’re unsure whether integrated access control and video surveillance systems are the right fit for your business, read on to learn more about the benefits!

Here’s Why Integrated Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems are a Must-Have:

Protect your assets and people

Video surveillance and access control systems from TELECO can easily integrate with existing security systems, ensuring the building is monitored, and more. For example, some access control systems allow users to enter only if the system has approved them, via biometric verification or identity card.

This provides peace of mind for businesses and employees alike – knowing that no one unauthorized will be able to get inside without proper clearance.

Security cameras record what goes on inside and act as deterrents against crime or vandalism. They also give businesses valuable footage, so they can track down perpetrators should anything happen while someone is away from work or during off-peak hours.

Keep an eye on who’s coming and going

A blend of access control and video surveillance cameras is great for monitoring what’s happening in your office or warehouse. They can be used to monitor activities, identify visitors, and even track employees’ movements.

For instance, security officers can use video camera footage to identify unauthorized entries into the building and access control to take appropriate action accordingly – such as calling security backup or locking down a specific area if they suspect a crime has been committed inside.

Modern access control systems can add entries and exits into a log with the identification of each person via their card or biometric verification. This ensures you can precisely pinpoint who accessed or left the building.

Maintain compliance

Access control systems are essential for businesses that must comply with various regulations and standards. For example, many businesses must maintain stringent security measures to meet Federal Government agencies’ requirements like the FBI.

By implementing an effective access control system, you can ensure your business meets all the legal obligations that are required.

Provides evidence of criminal or illegal behavior

Video footage can be an excellent tool for deterring crime or as evidence in a court case. For instance, if an employee tries to steal, or fake an insurance claim, video footage of the act can be very helpful in proving their guilt. It can also help identify and prosecute those responsible for criminal activity.

Easily operate everything from one place

Integrated access control and video surveillance systems help you manage your complex environment from one place.

Also, with one system, you can remotely monitor and control entrances, exits, and high-traffic areas.


Integrated access control and video surveillance solutions from TELECO are secure, easy to control and offer significant savings and protection when compared to traditional security measures.

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