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Why Managed IT Services?

IT Services

The ‘work from home’ landscape has become the new norm for a modern workplace where employees work remotely half of the time. This has put enterprise leaders in a challenging situation. Now their businesses are more reliant on technology, especially the cloud, which means they are expected to have better IT teams, tighter online security, and up-to-date remote working software and hardware.

With the speed that technology is progressing nowadays, it is getting difficult to keep up if you’re only relying on an in-house IT team. This is where managed IT service providers can help! They can equip businesses with the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of setting up an IT team to ensure their IT infrastructure is managed flawlessly.

The 5 Key Benefits of Using Managed IT Services

Shifting your IT needs from in-house to a managed IT service provider might seem like an overwhelming step, but it’s a lot easier with modern cloud-based solutions. And once it’s done, your business will get enormous amounts of benefits.

Your IT Team Will See a Performance Boost:

As a business that’s heavily relying on technology now more than ever, your IT infrastructure requires round-the-clock attention – even on weekends, holidays, and possibly throughout different time zones. Expecting the in-house IT team to oversee all of that would result in loss of time, productivity, and motivation for new projects as they’ll be stretched too thin.

Using a professional managed IT service provider means reducing your IT team’s workload so they can be more productive and seize new opportunities for your business.

Your IT Infrastructure Will Stay Up to Date:

Your IT team is already busy responding to user tickets or fixing small bugs and abnormalities here and there. Amid all of this, if software or hardware needs patching or updating, the team may not be able to do it on time, resulting in downtimes for your business.

Managed IT service providers take a proactive approach to these issues with 24/7 monitoring of any small issues that can become a big problem later on. They keep the IT infrastructure up to date, ensuring your business doesn’t stay behind in the competition.

You’ll Pay a Fixed Monthly Cost:

Managed IT service has a predictable monthly spend. You can get the services for a fixed monthly or yearly cost depending on your IT needs and the length of the contract (1-3 years typically).

A trusted managed IT service provider will be honest about the costs, so you know what you’re getting for the money you’re paying. This payment structure eliminates the guesswork and helps the finance team make better operational cost and budget forecasts.

No Need to Purchase Premium Tools to Access them:

A business needs myriads of tools to operate with full efficiency ranging from ERP to video conferencing and network security software and hardware. All of these tools can put a big dent in your capital if you have to purchase each of them. Plus, their maintenance and upgrades can cost a fortune over time.

However, using a managed IT service provider with an excellent tool stack can help you mitigate the upfront and maintenance costs. You can get access to the latest technology and solutions without having to own them. Plus, they do all the maintenance, and if a problem occurs, they take care of it right away.

Airtight Network Security:

Your business needs to be shielded from viruses, hacking attempts, DDoS attacks, and more when it is relying on the internet as a part of its operations. You don’t want anyone to access your database, steal users’ data or at the very least, destroy most of it.

This is where robust security solutions and 24/7 proactive monitoring by your managed IT service provider can help you! Your in-house IT team doesn’t have to constantly check for threats when they can put that time to better use – the MSP will do that for you!

Why Choose TELECO as Your Managed IT Service Provider?

TELECO is all about providing businesses with the tools that empower them to compete and win in today’s technology-influenced cut-throat competitive landscape. We have a fixed-rate IT support solution that includes business operation tools for communication, network security, data protection and remote monitoring.

Our proactive IT solutions ensure your business stays up and running all the time without you having to employ an entire IT staff. We offer total threat protection from the security standpoint where all vulnerable vectors, including web apps, email, remote access, mobile internet, web browsing, user access points, and network perimeters are continuously monitored and secured.

We have a complete family of solutions that work in synchronization to detect, prevent, and recover your business from advanced malware, zero-day vulnerability, ransomware, automated threats, phishing, DDoS attacks, and other threats.

The gist is, our managed IT plans will help you run an efficient and effective IT infrastructure using the most advanced software and hardware solutions at a fraction of cost.

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