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5 Practical Benefits of Remote Work Tools from TELECO

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that flexibility in the workplace is a must! When the COVID 19 pandemic hit, many companies quickly implemented remote work options to keep their businesses running while still protecting the health of their employees and families. The great thing about remote work is that it can benefit both the employee and employer.

Here’s Why Your Organization NEEDS Remote Workforce Solutions

Saves Operating Expenses

Working remotely means fewer people physically in the office which equals cost savings for the employer. By consolidating the physical space required, the company saves money on rent, utilities, building maintenance, cleaning services, equipment and much more. Studies have shown that some small to medium businesses could save as much as $11,000 per year if their employees work remotely 50% of the time. A large corporation could save even more!

Hire Talent From Around the World

With the help of remote workforce solutions, you are no longer restricted to hiring locally. Top-tier talent from around the globe will be within your reach. You will be able to hire the very best in your field without being limited by location. Remote work tools make it possible to fill a position completely virtual: from the application process, to interviewing, to the work itself, everything can be done online. This approach allows more flexibility and allows companies to focus on aptitude and skills that may be lacking in the “local” applicant pool.

Your Employees Save Time

The average daily commute for workers to and from the office in the U.S. is 54 minutes. All this time can be saved if your employees are working remotely. Cutting out the daily office commute will also cut down on the amount of stress your employees deal with every day. No more rushing through traffic to make it to the office on time. This extra time can now be spent with their family or on other activities, helping them stay mentally and physically fit, which is also connected to higher productivity.

Boosts Employee Satisfaction

Employees working from home tend to find a much healthier work-life balance than those who work in the office. When working remotely, an employee has higher flexibility in designing a workspace that works for them. Whether they have a separate office in their home or are working at the kitchen table, remote employees can decide where they are most comfortable. Employees who feel happier tend to be more motivated which can lead to higher quality of work. This also leads to employee satisfaction and loyalty to their company.

Better Collaboration Technology

With the remote workforce solutions available from TELECO today, there is no reason to hesitate in implementing remote work for your employees. Solutions such as mobile softphone and desktop softphone, video meetings, mobile faxing and complete CRM integration make working remotely seamless. Your employees can work from home (or any other location) and still have all the technology benefits of working at the office.

Parting Words:

There is no doubt businesses around the world are changing how they look at remote work. While many were forced into this option as a way of staying afloat, more and more companies are now seeing the many benefits remote work can offer. The BEST NEWS is TELECO can offer remote work solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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