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Public Safety and Cellular DAS in Healthcare

Public Safety

Building owners all over the U.S. are now recognizing the importance of installing public safety and cellular DAS in their facilities, this includes hospitals and other healthcare centers. Public safety and cellular DAS can make a difference in many life-threatening situations.

Why Every Healthcare Facility Needs DAS?

Cellular DAS is crucial for hospitals and other healthcare facilities because their staff must be fully operational and maintain communications at all times. Hospitals require reliable connectivity for their day-to-day operations. Doctors who once relied on pagers, now depend on smartphones and laptops. Wireless monitoring devices allow doctors and nurses to remotely monitor the status of their patients. This is where cellular DAS plays a vital role, as it allows doctors and staff to work efficiently and without interruption when using mobile devices.

A public safety DAS ensures that first responders are able to maintain communications in all areas of the building. This allows them to respond more effectively to emergency situations such as fires, natural disasters, and much more.  Today, many states and municipalities in the U.S have made it mandatory for building owners to have a public safety DAS in place that meets NFPA and IFC codes. Failing to do so can result in the cancellation of the certificate of occupancy, which means the facility will no longer be usable. Having a public safety DAS system is no longer an option; it’s become a necessity.

Here’s How TELECO Can Help:

At TELECO, we offer consistent coverage for both public safety and cellular DAS for the healthcare industry. We have worked with many hospitals across the nation delivering high quality communications.

TELECO is registered with the Federal Communication Commission to help healthcare service providers maintain uninterrupted wireless communication inside their building. Our FirstNet compatible DAS stays operational at all times, especially during emergencies or disasters that can cut most other methods of communication. Here’s how we can equip your healthcare facility with a fully customized public safety and/or cellular DAS:

  • Defining Project Requirements: Closely working with the healthcare facility owner to identify their unique wireless communication needs.
  • Building Test: We leverage industry-calibrated tools and equipment to test the signal strength of the building and identify the weakest points.
  • Designing: We then design the DAS specifically for the areas that need signal and radio frequency boost to keep the costs to a minimum. Our trained and certified technicians use world-class prototyping tools like iBwave and AutoCAD to design the DAS for each specific building and its needs.
  • Sourcing & Installation: We can also act on behalf of our clients to purchase the required parts and components for their DAS and save them as money. Once that’s done, our licensed and certified engineers start with the system installation.
  • Testing: Next, we test the system to ensure it works as anticipated using physical inspection and computerized data collection and analysis.

TELECO can help you avoid potential disasters in your healthcare facility with the installation of public safety and cellular DAS.

Call us today to get started at 800.959.0444 or visit www.teleco.com

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