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Public Safety DAS in K-12 Schools

Public Safety

With the increase of disturbing events taking place in schools, it is crucial to have a reliable communication system in place. The system should allow first responders like police, firefighters, and medical staff to communicate without any losses or interruptions to keep the students and staff safe in case of emergencies. This can be done with the help of Public Safety DAS; read on to learn more.

What Is Public Safety DAS?

Public Safety DAS leverages the BDA technology to provide 2-way enhanced radio service using a system of antenna. This means during an emergency requiring first responders, the communication between them will not be affected, even if regular communication systems like telephones or cell phones are down.

Having this type of antenna system ensures the first responders like paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement can seamlessly communicate within the building and to those outside.

Since this communication has its own radio antennae system, it doesn’t get affected if telephone lines or cellular towers fail, which can happen during natural disasters.

Why Is Public Safety DAS Important To K-12 Schools?

Protecting the safety and security of our students and staff at every K-12 school is of the utmost importance.

Even with every precaution taken, sometimes tragedy will strike. When devastating events do occur that threaten our most vulnerable, it is imperative that staff and first responders are able to maintain seamless communications throughout the situation.

Maintaining communications in the event of a safety breach, a school shooting, or even a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, or fire, could mean the difference between life and death.

Are There Requirements For Public Safety DAS?

NFPA and IFC codes and ordinances in the U.S are making public safety DAS mandatory to ensure in-building communication for first responders. This means every existing and new building MUST meet the minimum reliability level for first responder communication as a condition of occupancy. If a building fails to meet these regulations, it can lose its certificate of occupancy, leading to its closure.

To comply with the codes and ordinances, many state Departments of Education are making it mandatory that a certified Public Safety Das expert tests all new and existing schools to ensure they pass all the codes.

TELECO Offers Scalable Public Safety DAS – Trusted by Professionals:

We offer completely scalable and FirstNet compatible DAS systems that can be custom-made to fit the in-building communication needs of your school.

We have a massive team of top-class technicians and engineers who can test your facility and install a system that complies with the exact codes of your municipality.

Being a wireless communication leader, TELECO is FCC registered and works closely with fire professionals and Authority Having Jurisdiction to provide approved and compliant systems.

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