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Latest in Video Surveillance Technology

When it comes to security, video surveillance has always had a dominant position because it allows you to see the culprits, even in real-time. But the problem, which became the basis for criticism of video surveillance systems, is the absence of clear picture quality. This can result in not being able to identify the culprits clearly.

However, the latest IP video surveillance camera systems are here to change all that. Not only does it have crystal clear picture quality, but it also has tons of other features that traditional security systems lack. Let’s have a look at what it is and how it can help individuals and businesses:

The Latest IP Camera System Offers Paramount Security:

An IP camera system is the latest video surveillance technology that combines video surveillance with intelligence, convenience, and high efficiency. The cameras can offer up to 4K video resolution along with the convenience of remote access. Have a look at some of the benefits of an IP camera system:

  • Remote Access: You can easily keep an eye on your employees or business while you are sitting at a beach in Jamaica; you just need an internet connection to connect to the network of your IP camera system.
  • High Resolution:  The higher the resolution, the more clear the video will be to see exactly what is going on in your video. While 1080p provides an HD picture, 4K provides four times the resolution of 1080p. With 4K series cameras, the video quality is so clear that it will feel like you are watching Netflix.
  • Advanced Features: Typical video cameras do not have features like motion detection or camera tampering alert systems, but with IP cameras, you can get these benefits and more.
  • High Scalability: Unlike analog cameras that are connected through a DVR that can only allow a few cameras to be connected at once, IP cameras work on an IP network. IP systems can scale from one to thousands of cameras.

IP camera systems offer tons of other benefits such as a live stream, complete control of the footage, analytics to help you skip to important parts, and much more.

TELECO Can Provide You with Latest IP Camera Systems

TELECO, a leader in surveillance solutions, is now offering cutting-edge IP camera systems. We offer a variety of cameras such as bullet, dome, night vision, and long-range, as well as other options based on your needs. Furthermore, Perfect View surveillance by TELECO not only has highly competitive pricing, but TELECO offers unparalleled support for all solutions.

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