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Enhance In-Building Wireless with Cellular DAS

Poor cellular connectivity is a very common problem indoors and is more than likely due to the construction material used in a building. Concrete, metal and low emissivity glass materials, especially in LEED-certified buildings, can bounce back cellular and radio frequency signals resulting in low signal or frequently dropped calls. This is why cellular DAS is becoming more common to make sure that the employees and customers in a building stay connected to the world. In addition to enhancing customer satisfaction, in-building wireless systems have always been favored over Wi-Fi because of security and being a more consistent signal. But DAS systems offer a lot more benefits than just being the better alternative of WiFi; have a look at some of their benefits below.

Seamless Communication

One of many benefits of using the cellular DAS is that it eliminates the problems associated with loss of signals. Since the antennas are located inside the building, you get full network strength, which means unbreakable communication. So, whether you are in a conversation with a client or an important conference call with your peers, you can have an uninterrupted communication.

Excellent Coverage

Another benefit of having a cellular distributed antenna system (DAS) is that you can place antennas wherever you need the additional signal coverage. If there is an area in your building such as basement where there are no signals, you can place an antenna there, and now you can make calls or use the internet from the basement or parking area.

Get Connectivity from Multiple Carriers

With cellular DAS systems, you can get excellent network strength from multiple carrier networks within your building. So, if you have a business where there are people visiting on a daily basis, your customers won’t have to leave your business to search for signals. You can leverage cellular DAS to bring the signals to them. This will ensure that your customers are not discouraged from visiting you because of poor network strength.

Scale as Much as You Want

As a business, you always need to think of scalability, and with distributed antenna systems, you get that scalability as well. Whether you need to get coverage in other parts of your building in the future or you increase the space of your business and need coverage there as well, you can count on DAS systems. With just the addition of a single antenna, you can start to receive signals where there was no coverage before.

Improved Speed

With the use of latest techniques such as MIMO/Beamforming, cellular DAS can increase the speed of communications multiple folds. This means you can respond to your customers in a fast and timely manner and they get the satisfaction of receiving excellent service from you.

Get Wireless Network Coverage with TELECO’s Cellular DAS

The primary benefit of getting the cellular DAS service from TELECO is the fool-proof process that we follow. This means we will first create scopes of the project, then we will test your building with industry-level equipment, use advanced tools such as iBwave and Auto CAD to submit designs to carriers for accurate results, and then deploy our fully trained and certified technicians for the installation of cellular DAS. This process not only ensures you get excellent and accurate signal coverage, but also saves you money on construction costs.

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