Perfect View™ Access Control

Perfect View™ Access Control


Total Control of Your Business Security

Whether you’re upgrading an existing infrastructure or building a new security system from the ground up, only the best will do. That’s what you expect. And that’s what we provide. TELECO Perfect View™ access control systems are complete, end-to-end solutions – from cameras to controllers, from alarm relays to IP architecture, from door locks to NVRs, and more.

The need for perimeter security – both indoor and outdoor – grows every day. Whether they are coming in or going out, you establish complete control with TELECO Perfect View™ access control systems. We provide features like tamper-proof credential systems, MIFARE and contactless card readers, and multiple-input access modes for secure identity confirmation. Various communication interfaces and protocols are available as well, including TCP/IP network interface and Wi-Fi standalone terminals, and customers’ accounts always remain safe via RSA and AES encryptions.

Perfect View™ Access Control


Various Access Modes
TELECO’s access control supports various access modes to suit each unique security need. Modes include access via card, card + password, fingerprint, card + fingerprint, password + fingerprint, and card + password + fingerprint.

Online and Offline Modes
Online Mode: Events are recorded by controller in real time and uploaded to PC storage equipment.
Offline Mode: Controller stores relevant information, as authorized, when the network connection gets interrupted. Information uploads continuously after the connection is restored.

Multi-System Linkage
Video Linkage: By linking hardware to software, cameras begin recording when an alarm is activated, performing real time surveillance.
Fire Alarm Linkage: Access control system receives signals from fire alarm switches and opens appropriate doors according to software settings.
Other Linkage: Our success control system provides linkage support for software and hardware, as well as other kinds of linkage.

Free Attendance Management Module
This module supports attendance management by using CMS software. Security personnel can define attendance rules according to real situations at their facilities. It also supports statistical analysis and printing, fulfilling specific security requirements of small-to-medium size organizations.

TCP / IP System Structure
The controller connects to the software platform over the internet to integrate the various systems. Customers’ accounts remain safe via RSA and AES encryptions.

Multiple Advanced-Function Configurations
Unique system functions support multiple advanced card configurations, such as card disabling, blacklisted cards, normal card access, visitor and VIP cards, cards entered under duress, and more. Further support includes password authentication, interlocking, anti-passback, first card to open a door, multiple authentication, online updates, remote control, and more.

Multiple Alarm Function Support
The alarm triggers when these events occur: card reader tampering, unlocked door, sustained unlocked door, door opens abnormally, cards and/or codes entered under duress, blacklisted card used, and multiple swipes of an unknown or unauthorized card. It also supports input and output of alarm signals in the alarm zone. (Alarm zone refers alarm input and output settings, which is set by alarm signal linkage.)