Perfect View Dealers


TELECO is a distributor for one of North America’s largest independent Manufacturers of Low Voltage CCTV surveillance equipment and accessories. We are proud to over some of the latest technology and versatile surveillance solutions with a product warranty up to 3-years. TELECO’s Perfect View™ is a competitively priced cost-effective solution targeted for small to medium sized businesses. Some of the immediate benenifits of installing a video surveillance solution and implementing monitoring practices are to discourage both employee and public thefts, expose potential harassment issues, identify customer interests, trends and aide in improving customer relations. It is common for video surveillance customers to earn a lower insurance premium by protecting against false workman comp, liability and slip/fall claims. Additionally, under section 179 on the US tax code businesses are allowed to deduct up to $250,000 in equipment purchases (please verify with your local CPA for compliance).