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Cutting-Edge Remote Workforce Solutions For Charleston Businesses

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent in Charleston, SC, it’s crucial to adapt and equip your business for this shift. Gone are the days of being tied to cubicles; the workforce of tomorrow thrives on flexibility and connectivity. That’s why investing in remote workforce tools is paramount for the success of your Charleston-based enterprise.

Our tailored remote work package is designed to elevate employee productivity and drive the continued growth of your organization. Whether it’s seamless voice calls, text messaging, collaborative group meetings, or high-quality video conferencing, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate efficient teamwork from anywhere in Charleston or beyond.

What sets our solution apart is its scalability and cost-effectiveness. Say goodbye to the overheads of maintaining a traditional office space; with our remote work package, you can streamline operations and reduce expenses while ensuring your team remains connected and productive in Charleston’s dynamic business landscape.

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In Charleston, SC, our team at TELECO is dedicated to helping local businesses thrive in the era of remote work. With our customizable packages, we’ve assisted numerous enterprises in seamlessly transitioning to remote operations. Just like the industry giants, we can provide your business with cutting-edge tools and technologies, tailored to your specific needs.

Our solutions are not only on par with those used by large corporations but also incredibly cost-effective, often more affordable than maintaining a traditional office space. Before crafting a remote tools package for your business, we take into account various factors, including the size of your workforce, organizational objectives, target customer base, and more.

By choosing TELECO, you’ll receive a remote working solution that is not only budget-friendly but also scalable, ensuring that as your team grows, your technology infrastructure can easily adapt without the need for a complete overhaul. Let us empower your Charleston-based business to thrive in the modern remote work environment.

Call Forwarding

Incoming calls can ring to a user’s home, office, and cell phones, either one at a time or all at once.

Mobile Faxing

Mobile faxing enables digital faxing capabilities from a smartphone.

Mobile & Desktop

Turn a user’s computer into a fully featured phone that is primed to take full advantage of all of Star2Star’s Unified Communication features.

Text Messaging

Seamless communications with single number service using employee desk phone numbers or other designated lines when communicating via texting.


Enable your employees with tools like Business SMS and CRM integrations, and ensure that they stay connected with customers the same way at home as they would in the office.


Employees can login to virtual desktops, apps, and cloud storage via an encrypted portal and enjoy the same level of productivity whether they are working from their home desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone.

Collaboration Suite

Star2Star’s Team Hub makes meetings more productive than ever- no formal office required! Gain team messaging with individuals or groups, file sharing management,  productivity tools and more.

Video Meetings

Host and join online meetings from any device on the video platform designed to be secure, and flexible! Share screens simultaneously, and even manage attendees with virtual lobby controls.

Remote Workforce Solutions

Mobile & Desktop Softphones

Mobile Softphone (iOS & Android)
  • Full featured IP telephone application for smartphones
  • Appear as standard extensions
  • Reduce cellular costs and multiple line requirements for users
Desktop Softphone
  • Full featured IP telephone system on a user’s computer
  • Leverage all of Sangoma’s system features
  • Helps reduce hardware costs and travel expenses

Business SMS

Seamless, Single Number Service & Texting
  • Two-way messaging to/from any U.S. SMS/MMS ready number
  • Mobile & Desktop Versions Available
  • Shared contacts with Desktop Softphone
  • Persistent message history tied to user/DID
  • Per-user licensing
  • Utilizes existing customer DIDs
Remote Workforce Solutions
Remote Workforce Solutions

Sangoma Meet

Scalable, Enterprise-Grade Solution That Adapts To Every Businesses Unique Needs
  • Enterprise-grade video solution that adapts to every businesses unique meeting needs
  • Join Meetings Via Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Devices
  • Multi-person Screen Share
  • Personal Meeting ID
  • Entirely browser-based and requires zero downloads to use
  • End-to-end Encryption

Connected Workspace

Connected Workspace is secure, reduces hardware refresh costs, and helps quickly onboard and offboard employees
  • Virtual workspace solution providing cloud-optimized Desktop as a Service, virtual apps, storage, and anywhere, anytime access
  • Integrates your office workspace with our Full Spectrum Communications Solution
  • Layer in Microsoft and other line-of-business applications
  • Fully-secure, multi-device access, multiple user account types, application agnostic, adaptive desktop
Remote Workforce Solutions
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Team Hub

Nerve Center For Collaboration, Teamwork & Hyper-productivity
  • Let go of email with the ability to message in channels and groups; Bring together internal and external members
  • Share and collaborate with files and other content
  • Make work more productive with tasks, notes, and other productivity solutions
  • Connect more deeply with video meetings and screen sharing
  • Use built-in workflow tools to streamline your daily activities
  • Integrate your toolkit of solutions into one business productivity and collaboration platform

ClarifyGo Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

ClarifyGo captures the details that matter.

Integrating directly with your Teams’ tenant and using Microsoft’s own Graph API, ClarifyGo records the widest possible range of Teams interactions, including audio, video meetings and screen-sharing.

No call is missed, including both internal conversations and interactions with people outside your organization.

Whether your priority is hassle-free compliance and security, or developing sales techniques and a better customer experience, ClarifyGo delivers it all.

  • Complies with major regulations, including Dodd-Frank, HIPAA, PCI DSS and more
  • Tamperproof 256-bit encryption
  • Secure, low-data file-sharing
  • User-defined access
  • Live listening
  • Advanced Quality Measurement module
  • AI Speech Analytics integration with Microsoft Insights
  • Active Directory integration
  • Dynamics CRM integration
  • Cloud-based for easy of deployment, storage and maintenance

ClarifyGo is designed by Oak Innovation, Microsoft Partners and market-leaders in call recording for35 years.

Remote Workforce Solutions 2
Remote Workforce Solutions 2

Remote Workforce Solutions Now & For The Future

Experience the ultimate productivity boost for your Charleston-based team with our Remote Work package. Designed to keep your organization seamlessly connected and thriving, our package offers a comprehensive suite of voice, collaboration, and video conferencing tools. Whether your team is scattered across the city or working from the charming streets of downtown Charleston, our solution ensures they stay seamlessly connected, enabling productivity to soar.

Remote Workforce Solutions


for Charleston SC

Ready to embrace the new era of remote work and witness a surge in productivity and revenue for your Charleston-based business? Look no further! Contact us today and let our team tailor a remote work solution specifically for you.

How We Make It Happen

Recognizing that every Charleston business has its unique needs, we start by thoroughly analyzing your operations. In these unprecedented times, small businesses in Charleston are particularly vulnerable to the changes brought about by the pandemic. That’s where we come in. At TELECO, we specialize in leveraging the latest technologies to assist you in navigating the challenges of the “new normal” and propelling your business forward.


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