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In Charleston, SC, TELECO is committed to maximizing your property’s revenue potential through the deployment of cutting-edge indoor wireless solutions. Reliable wireless coverage is crucial for businesses, offering a competitive edge over venues struggling with inconsistent signals, which can lead to communication disruptions. Seamless communication is vital for business operations, making properties equipped with robust wireless connectivity more attractive to top-tier tenants willing to invest in premium spaces.

We specialize in delivering superior cellular DAS installation services tailored to the unique needs of Charleston properties. Our in-building wireless systems significantly improve signal reception within structures. TELECO strategically deploys a network of compact antennas throughout your building, effectively serving as cellular signal boosters. These antennas are seamlessly integrated with a central controller connected to your carrier’s network, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted wireless connectivity throughout your property.

Our comprehensive indoor wireless turn-key services include:

  • Project scope – we create scopes of work and project specifications
  • Client representation – we serve as the owner’s representative and interact with other trades
  • Pre-installation benchmark testing – we test a building with industry calibrated equipment to gain an understanding of the signal strength, targeting only areas needing enhancement to keep costs to a minimum
  • System design – we use tools such as AutoCAD® and iBwave® to submit to carriers
  • Equipment procurement – all equipment is prepared and tested by our procurement center
  • Equipment installation – we have manufacturer trained, certified installation and commissioning technicians
  • Post-installation data collection and processing – we perform system validation to ensure the cellular DAS meets or exceeds the design requirements and customer expectations
Cellular Das


Where Wi-Fi networks are typically reliable for everyday use, they can falter in critical situations like building emergencies. Whether it’s an earthquake, severe storm, fire, or other life-threatening events, Wi-Fi signals may become disrupted, leaving individuals stranded without a means to contact authorities for assistance.

In such scenarios, relying solely on cellular data for communication becomes crucial. However, the effectiveness of this method hinges on the presence and proper functioning of a Cellular DAS system. At TELECO, we specialize in offering tailored Cellular DAS solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of Charleston. Our systems are meticulously engineered and installed to ensure seamless coverage within buildings, even during emergencies.

Having a reliable Cellular DAS system in place not only enhances the operational efficiency of businesses in Charleston but also plays a critical role in saving lives during disasters. With our solutions, your customers and employees can confidently reach out for help when it matters most.


You’ve probably heard of 3G, 4G, 5G and WiFi. In today’s increasingly mobile world, there are a variety of ways to get connected to the internet. What’s really the most reliable and safest way? Truth be told, in-building wireless is the most secure option and the only technology your customers can actually rely on to call 911.

While WI-FI can offer connectivity, it may come with a price.

  • WiFi users are at high risk from hackers when using mobile devices.
  • WiFi is a secondary way to access network resources and should not be considered as reliable as wired connections.
  • WiFi users may drop their calls or data connections when entering or existing a building.


In Charleston, SC, many property owners overlook the critical need for a robust cellular DAS (Distributed Antenna System), leading to frustratingly poor connectivity. The unique architectural materials prevalent in the city, like stucco, brick, and historic ironwork, often interfere with radio frequencies, resulting in unreliable network coverage and dropped calls.

Additionally, the high volume of simultaneous wireless usage within buildings exacerbates the problem, causing significant strain on cellular performance. This is where TELECO’s Cellular DAS service steps in to save the day.

Our cutting-edge system is tailored to provide seamless coverage, addressing the demanding cellular calling and data requirements of modern Charleston businesses. With TELECO’s DAS technology, your building’s occupants will enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, leading to heightened satisfaction and operational efficiency. Say goodbye to connectivity woes in Charleston with TELECO’s innovative solutions.

Cellular Das Systems
Cellular Das Systems


When necessary, TELECO custom designs in-building systems that utilize both DAS and Small Cell technologies. Small Cells are low-powered cellular radio access nodes that operate in both licensed and unlicensed spectrums. They have a range of up to several miles and are used for in-building and outdoor wireless service in areas requiring much higher user capacity. TELECO will review your facility requirements and propose the best solution which may result in a combination of both technologies.


Nearly 80% of communications happen indoors. Increasingly, tenants are demanding seamless cellular reception inside. Reliable indoor connectivity is now considered a necessity, not just an amenity. We offer the perfect sized system for your indoor coverage and capacity needs. Install a reliable cellular indoor wireless solution from TELECO and keep your customers coming back.



In Charleston, SC, TELECO recognizes the immense advantages that mobile device users can reap from our cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS), enhancing their network experience. Our cutting-edge cellular DAS ensures uninterrupted connectivity, catering to the growing demand for voice and data services. Specializing in indoor wireless solutions, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Our team of DAS experts works closely with you to devise a personalized solution that aligns with your site’s characteristics and building management needs. From permits to construction to installation, we stay actively involved throughout the process to ensure seamless implementation.

At TELECO, we excel in designing in-building systems that harness the power of both DAS and Small Cell technologies. Small Cells are compact, low-powered cellular radio access nodes that operate across licensed and unlicensed spectrums, covering distances of several miles. They are instrumental in providing wireless service indoors and outdoors, particularly in areas with high user capacity demands. Following a thorough assessment of your facility’s needs, TELECO proposes the most suitable solution, potentially integrating a blend of both technologies for optimal performance.


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