Over the last decade, business phone system technologies have evolved to provide small to medium businesses with a solution that was unavailable except to businesses with large technology budgets.
Small Business Phone System


Business communication has progressed significantly over the years. After the pandemic and a wave of remote working, which is also the future of business operations, having a robust way of communication and data sharing between employees is crucial.

The same applies to customer support. Your staff needs modern phone systems with easy to use enterprise features for handling and redirecting calls of multiple customers at once. TELECO offers leading business phone systems in Miami, Florida, that are tailored just for your needs.

At TELECO, we believe the top quality business phone systems should have enterprise features offering flexibility to users for processing caller requests quickly and easily.

Also, the system should be straightforward and free from unnecessary features that lead to customer’s calls getting disconnected when redirecting to the person they want to reach. Furthermore, your phone system should be upgradable so it can grow with your business.


TELECO offers communication solutions to some of the biggest North American corporations and corporately owned areas in South Florida and South Carolina. With 250+ Authorized Dealers coupled with 2000 Affiliates working around North America, you’ll always be in great hands.


NEC offers business communication solutions to small, medium, and big organizations. Our industry-standard solutions are easy to manage, flexible, comprehensive and include phones, core software, wireless handsets, and powerful applications such as mobile capability suite and contact center solutions.

UNIVERGE SV9100/SV9300 Advantages

  • Make quicker, better informed business decisions without waiting for the next weekly office meeting.
  • Respond more quickly and efficiently to customer requests to drive loyalty and keep ahead of your competitors.
  • Empower your workforce with Smart Communications.
Business Phone Systems
Small Business Phone System
Small Business Phone System


An organization is only as good as the people behind it. Therefore, by having a smart and creative workforce, your business can solidify its core competencies and retain and attract top-tier talent to your company.

However, that’s only possible when you offer a flexible working environment to your employees because ‘work flexibility’ is the leading factor that top-tier employees prefer, as shown in recent research.

Our SL2100 makes your team more active and efficient and offers the flexibility they need. As a result, your team will provide customers with a positive experience leading to recurring business.

The solution is highly budget-friendly, allowing small and medium size businesses to leverage the power of VoIP. Plus, it can also function as a robust Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) solution with a never-ending potential for upgrades. Furthermore, you can save a big chunk of your budget without compromising functionality when using this solution.

We understand your business needs to stay connected 24/7 without any interruptions or downtimes for seamless communications with employees and customers. Our SL2100 offers a highly reliable solution that’s always on. You don’t need to worry about managing/upgrading hardware, purchasing or renewing licenses, and spending on regular equipment maintenance – we’ll do all that.

NEC SL2100 Advantages

  • Powerful communications with a small business price tag.
  • UNIVERGE BLUE SIP Trunks combines ease of implementation with reoccurring cost savings.
  • Never miss a thing with your mobile device connected to your office number.
  • Quickly direct first responders by knowing which user dialed 911.


TELECO excels in innovative VoIP solutions for businesses, allowing them to stay connected irrespective of their size or industry. Our Full Spectrum Communications Solutions provide full end-to-end assistance for video, voice, text chat, mobile, presence management, fax, and more.
Business Phone Systems


The most comprehensive, full-fledged, fail-proof, and reliable – Star2Star – is the most valuable unified system you can find for business communications. This revolutionary system is extremely flexible, self-monitoring, and very straightforward to use. And it does all of that with more advanced features at a fraction of the cost.

Business Phone Systems


The complete range of NEC Univerge Blue Products offered by TELECO helps all kinds of businesses with innovative VoIP solutions. This allows businesses to stay online and connected with whomever and whenever they want. These solutions offer end-to-end support for mobile, video, voice, fax, chat, presence management, etc.

Business Phone Systems
Business Phone Systems
Business Phone Systems


The top-quality business systems should be equipped with enterprise features providing all the flexibility the users need for caller request processing. The systems should be straightforward to use without unnecessary functions to ensure the caller doesn’t get disconnected while being redirected to the team/individual they want to talk to. Furthermore, the phone system should have upgradability in-built so it can grow with your business needs.

  • Voice Solutions: Our voice solutions are being used by several giant corporations in Miami, Florida and beyond. Seamless communication, maximum uptime, and business-savvy features are the key offering of our voice solutions.
  • Cloud Solutions: We are the leaders in providing cutting-edge VoIP solutions to businesses in Miami, Florida, allowing them to stay online irrespective of their industry and size. We offer a full range of cloud communication solutions for voice, video, chat, presence management and more.
  • UNIVERGE SV9000: We also offer NEC UNIVERGE SV9000 communication systems for small, medium and big organizations. These flexible, comprehensive and easy to manage systems come with phones, wireless handsets, core software and great applications, including contact center and mobile capability solutions.
  • SL2100: We understand your workforce needs seamless communication with each other and customers 24/7, and SL2100 offers just that. This budget-friendly phone system uses VoIP to offer 99.99% uptime and TDM for never-ending upgrade potential. Plus, we take care of all the hardware management, maintenance, upgrading, and license renewals, saving you time and money.
  • NEC UNIVERGE BLUE PRODUCTS: At TELECO, we have a complete range of NEC UNIVERGE BLUE products, including video conferencing, file sharing, backup recovery, contact center, fax, team chat, 3rd party integration like G Suite and Slack and more.


Our star product, the most reliable, flexible, comprehensive and fool-proof business phone system; Star2Star is a revolution in the business communication space.

It is intuitive and effortless to use and offers end-to-end support for video, voice, mobile, chat, fax, presence management, group collaboration and more.

Star2Star system combines every mode of communication into one system, providing the REAL full-spectrum communications solution in one solution.



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