Distributed Antenna Systems

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Distributed Antenna System, DAS


A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of geographically separated antennas connected to a common source that provides enhanced wireless service. A DAS can be used indoors or outdoors and can provide coverage to hotels, condominiums, airports, hospitals, schools, stadiums, and many other structures.


PUBLIC SAFETY DAS - Providing In-Building Wireless Communications for Our First Responders is Our Top Priority
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Our FirstNetTM compatible and scalable systems are trusted by the professionals that depend on them when responding to an emergency. Our team of Public Safety DAS engineers will install a system that complies with the first responder radio coverage requirements.

  • We are registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  • We ensure reliable first responder communications inside structures critical to public safety.
  • We work closely with the AHJ and fire professionals to provide an approved system that meets their requirements.
  • We use our own manufacturer trained and certified installation, testing & commissioning technicians.

CELLULAR DAS - Reliable Indoor Cellular Enhancement for Small to Mid-Size Structures
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We offer indoor wireless tailored to your needs. Our experienced team works with the client to develp customized solutions based on the site conditions and building management requirements. We then stay involved throughout permitting, construction and installation of your system.


  • Project Scope - We create scopes of work and project specifications.
  • Client Representation - We serve as the owner's representative and interact with other trades.
  • Pre-Installation Benchmark Testing - We test a building with industry calibrated equipment to gain an understanding of the signal strength. We target only areas needing enhancement in order to keep costs to a minimum.
  • System Design - We use tools such as AutoCAD & iBwave to submit to carriers.
  • Equipment Procurement - All equipment is prepared and tested by our procurement center.
  • Equipment Installation- We have manufacturer-trained, certified installation and commissioning technicians.
  • Post Installation Data Collection and Processing – We perform system validation to ensure the cellular DAS meets or exceeds the design requirements and customer expectations.







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